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Be Stroke Smart Posters

Be Stroke Smart posters and cards (which can be made into magnets) are available in English and Spanish.


The Stroke Smart Cards are good for portable reminders and to hand out. They can conveniently be placed on fridges, bulletin boards, and bathroom mirrors. Remember, the keys to staying Stroke Smart are Retention, Repetition and Access.

Other Free Materials

These organizations offer stroke resources and materials to order and/or download as well:

Stroke Awareness - Stroke Urgency Toolkit materials

Download (or order) these educational tools to help spread awareness of sudden symptoms of stroke and motivate others to take action by calling 911. (Multiple languages available)

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke​

A catalog search of all stroke research materials offered by the NINDS. (Multiple languages available)

American Stroke Association - Stroke Resource Library

A variety of resources including downloadable pamphlets, videos, and toolkits. (Spanish resources available)

CDC Stroke Resources for Health Professionals

Resources and information to share with patients and other health professionals. Includes fact sheets, webinars, and journal articles, and more.


Both the training video and presentation are designed to be accompanied by the magnets printouts and wallet cards, available for free download on our Stay Stroke Smart webpage. If you prefer a more basic presentation, a Powerpoint version is also free to download.

Download Stroke Smart Basics Powerpoint 

Are you Stroke Smart?

Test your knowledge by playing our Stroke Smart Kahoot quiz

Strokes in Young People

A stroke can happen to anyone at any age. The American Heart Association created this documentary detailing the strokes and journey to full health of four teenage girls.


Stroke Smart Training Tools

Click below to start this simple, clear 9-minute video, useful for basic Stroke Smart training. A shorter, 3-minute Stroke Smart Training video is also available. Both videos are available for free download. The 9-minute file slides can be downloaded from Canva (you must create a free Canva account) and includes notes for a live presentation.

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