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Are you looking for a more meaningful way for your organization to make a real difference in our community?

COPE invites organizations of all sizes with the culture to build and sustain an active healthy workforce to apply and join the COPE Community Health and Wellness Initiative for 2023.  The objective over the year will be to incorporate the FEMA sponsored

“YOU Are the Help Until Help Arrives” program to enable organizations to have employees who will be first responders and know what to do when there is an emergency.  We also want organizations to promote a healthy, happy, productive and creative workplace in which everyone feels that their health and wellbeing are valued. 

What are the steps?

  1. Complete 2023 COPE Community Partner Health and Wellness Form

  2. Identify a COPE Champion who must be in a leadership position and pass our eligibility criteria for Champions*

  3. Appoint a COPE Ambassador – A volunteer position with dedicated hours a month for wellness activities).

  4. Work with COPE to plan for employees to receive “YOU Are the Help Until Help Arrives” training on Stroke Awareness, Hands only CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed


Benefits of becoming a Health and Wellness @ Work – COPE Community Partner

  • Contributes to a healthy work environment.

  • Improves engagement, increases productivity, helps retain talented employees.

  • 79.9% of employees whose employers offer wellbeing programs feel like their employer truly cares about them. (Red Cross)

  • Employers lose about $1,685 per employee due to productivity losses related to personal and family health problems (Red Cross).

  • 87% of employees said they consider health and wellbeing offerings when choosing an employer (Red Cross).

  • There will be Silver and Gold Membership.

  • COPE will recognize Champions on the COPE site and provide a digital badge that organizations who will be COPE Community Partners can use to highlight their support of COPE Champions and Ambassadors on their own websites.

  • Based on a point system, COPE Champions 2023 who achieve the most points will receive a REMS Regional Award for Excellence in Workplace Wellness.

Silver and Gold Membership Levels

Gold Level: 

  • “YOU Are the Help Until Help Arrives” training for leadership and employees on Stroke Awareness, Hands only CPR, First Aid and Stop the Bleed

  • “YOU Are the Help Until Help Arrives” certified training for Champions and/or Ambassadors on Stroke Awareness, Hands only CPR, First Aid and Stop the Bleed.

  • Placement of AED on organization premises and knowledge of public access AEDs and use of AEDs

  • Evidence of participating and attending at least 3 COPE and other community outreach events

  • Posting of all bi-monthly COPE educational topics on internal and external communication platforms

  • Organizing quarterly health and wellness events

  • Increase in number of Health & Wellness Champions and Ambassadors passing on training and health initiatives in their ecosystem.

  • Updated First Aid Kit and majority of employees have first aid kits at home and in their car


Silver Level:

  • “YOU Are the Help Until Help Arrives” training for Champions, Ambassadors and employees on Stroke Awareness, Hands only CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed

  • Regular posting of all COPE educational topics on social media on company website

  • Placement of AED kit on premises

  • Organizing health and wellness events

  • Updated First Aid Kits

  • Knowledge of public access AEDs and importance of available AEDs


Your generosity is greatly appreciated and demonstrates your support for our mission. 

Thank you for all that you do to contribute to the lives of those in the community.


Rappahannock Emergency Medical Services Council

250 Executive Center Parkway

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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